J.S. Lootah Group maintains a portfolio of development and investment properties under the umbrella of J.S. Lootah Properties LLC. Our Development Properties are either completed or under construction and held for sale or rent for net realizable value. Investment Properties include Land, Residential as well as Commercial properties which are held for rental or capital appreciation. These include both under construction as well as completed properties.


The organisation caters to the continuously growing real estate needs of its customers with multiple projects in pipelines in Residential (i.e. townhouses and villas), Commercial (i.e. warehouses and labour camps) and Mixed Use segments. J.S. Lootah Properties understands the growing requirements for premium real estate projects within the UAE and is geared to aggressively deliver the same.


Further information with regard to available development and or investment properties at J.S. Lootah Properties LLC can be found hereunder: